UltraSpec™-C160 and

The UltraSpec™-C160 and UltraSpec™-L160 for DWDM applications are an affordable, high-spectral-resolution, rugged, compact approach to DWDM devices and analyzers. Expanding on state-of-the-art holographic optics deployed in Raman spectrographs and military avionics, the unique UltraSpec™ grating/prism (GRISM) structure uses a VPH transmission grating sealed between two precision prisms. This novel geometry provides an expanded beam footprint on the grating that is much larger than the beam cross-section, and results in a combination of both high dispersion and high resolution in a very compact package. 

General Specifications
  • C-Band from 1525 to 1565 nm
  • L-Band from 1570 to 1610 nm
  • High Spectral Resolution of 12 GHz
  • High Angular Dispersion of up to 0.42 degrees / nm at Center Wavelength
  • Compact Configuration of only 0.4 in3, 6.6 cm3,  0.6 oz., < 16 g
  • Polarization Insensitive with <0.5 dB between Polarization States
  • Passive Optical Component, No Moving Parts

The UltraSpec™-C160 has the range and resolution necessary for full characterization of the telecommunication C-band spectrum at 50-GHz channel spacing while the UltraSpec™-L160 version gives L-band spectrum capability. Each UltraSpec™ exhibits low PDL and low stray light, with flat spectral response and high transmission. Similar uses include high-channel-density DWDM multiplexers, demultiplexers, and receivers.


UltraSpec™-C160 - performance curve
UltraSpec™-L160 - performance curve
Compact Channel Monitor layout  
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