Pre-designed UltraSpec™ Products

Kaiser offers three pre-designed products for telecomm applications:

  • High Throughput with Low PDL
  • Use in Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Modules


  • Combines High Throughput and Low PDL with High Dispersion
  • Use in Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Modules

UltraSpec™-C160 and UltraSpec™ -L160

  • Ultra High Dispersion
  • Ideal for Optical Spectrum Analyzers or
  • Optical Performance/Channel Monitors

In addition to our standard UltraSpec™ VPH products, Kaiser offers the capability of manufacturing custom grating configurations.  Grating frequencies, dimensions, operational geometries, and performance characteristics can be tailored to complement OEM product development.  Examples of select VPH Transmission Grating Geometries and Dispersion Charts configurations are given below. 


VPH Transmission Gratings for Telecom [PDF, 327 KB]
Comparison of UltraSpec-HT940, UltraSpec-HT1350, UltraSpec-C160,
and UltraSpec-L160

VPH Transmission Grating Geometries and Dispersion Charts
Versatile technology - examples of some grating configuration options


Contact us directly to discuss how Kaiser can help you meet your custom grating needs.

Need More? / Get More - Telecom VPH Gratings Technical Resources

Application Resources
Title Category Format ID#  
Telecommunications Gratings Holographic Gratings PDF PL-T100
Ultra-Spec Holographic Dispersion Gratings for DWDM Systems Holographic Gratings PDF TN-T300
UltraSpec-C160 & UltraSpec-L160 Holographic Gratings PDF PL-GR100
Volume-Phase Holographic Gratings for Telecommunications Applications Holographic Gratings PDF R-T200
VPH Transmission Gratings for Telecom Holographic Gratings PDF PL-T101
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