Intro to Transmission VPH Gratings

Introduction to Telecommunication Grating Products

Kaiser's UltraSpec™ family of products are based on our volume phase holographic (VPH) grating technology

All our UltraSpec™ products  share the following properties

  • High dispersion
  • Low polarization dependent loss (PDL)
  • Low insertion loss
  • Convenient packaging

In addition, UltraSpec™ gratings are not affected by mechanical damage or exposure to temperature and humidity. Our UltraSpec™ gratings can be configurable to all levels of Telcordia GR-1221 requirements (e.g. CO, UNC, hermetic, non-hermetic).

Unlike traditional surface relief grating technologies no special handling is needed making these modules easy to install (increasing manufacturing yield), support (minimize life-cycle costs), and replace.  If these devices ever get dirty then they can be wiped clean! - the VPH robustness advantage!

Need More? / Get More - Telecom VPH Gratings Technical Resource

Technical Resources
Title Category Format ID#  
Telecommunications Gratings Holographic Gratings PDF PL-T100
Ultra-Spec Holographic Dispersion Gratings for DWDM Systems Holographic Gratings PDF TN-T300
UltraSpec-C160 & UltraSpec-L160 Holographic Gratings PDF PL-GR100
Volume-Phase Holographic Gratings for Telecommunications Applications Holographic Gratings PDF R-T200
VPH Transmission Gratings for Telecom Holographic Gratings PDF PL-T101
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