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Raman Probes / Sampling

Kaiser offers the most extensive and versatile range of Raman sampling options available. Kaiser’s sampling solutions allow the Raman sampling point to be configured for your application or your plant setting rather than customize the equipment to accommodate Raman analysis. All Kaiser’s fiber-optic Raman probes have been designed to allow our customers to conduct effective in situ process analysis through to research with Raman spectroscopy rather than learning Raman optical design principles. Robustness, reliability, and performance – hallmarks of Kaiser’s sampling technology.

For in situ process Raman analysis, Kaiser has developed a comprehensive line of phase-optimized probes.


Phase-Optimized Probes

Solids PhAT Probe
  MR Filtered Probe Head

Liquids Pilot™-E Probes
  WetHead™ Probe
  MR Filtered Probe Head

Gas AirHead™ Probe

Extruder WetHead™ Probe with Extrusion Shaft
  MR Probe Head with Extrusion Optic

Probe Optics and Accessories

  IO / Extruder Optics
IO's paired with either an MR Probe or a Mk II probe head and a RAMANRXN SYSTEMS™ analyzer allow in situ analysis of liquids, slurries, and semi-solids.  An optimized extruder optic is available for process development in the laboratory or in manufacturing.
  NCO / IO for PhAT
Kaiser offers several different non-contact sampling lenses in order to optimize the sampling volume in a PhAT experiment. These lenses control both the spot size at the surface of the sample and the non-contact working distance.
  NCO / IO for MR & Mk II
Kaiser’s complete line of non-contact optics (NCO’s) are compatible with the MR Probe and Mk II probe filtered probe heads, and are designed for use in environments that could be damaging to optics or where sample contamination is a concern.
  NeSSI Interface for ½” Immersion Raman probes and Gas-Phase probes
The NeSSI initiative has promoted the acceptance and implementation of modular lego-like flow components.  NeSSI interfaces for Kaiser’s liquid and gas-phase probes provides a convenient plug-and-play platform for development of continuous flow chemistry in support of high-yield, safe, green chemical pathways using in situ Raman for critical process measurements.

Other Options

Other sampling options for the RAMANRXN SYSTEMS™ of analyzers include the RAMANRXN1™ Microprobe, the Analytical Sample Compartment , and the Enclosed Sample Compartment (entry-level sample chamber), each compatible with multiple Kaiser probe heads.


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