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PhAT Probe for Quantitative Raman Analysis of Solids

The PhAT probe represents the in situ approach to Raman solids sampling.  Solids sampling by Raman is prone to under-sampling.  This problem is solved using the PhAT approach, which provides reproducible, representative, focus-free, quantitative Raman measurements.

Traditional Raman approaches measure sample areas between 2 to 500 microns and the spectrum measure is dominated by the spectral characteristics of the surface. The 6 mm large-area laser spot size allows a significant volume of the sample (up to several mm) to be interrogated in a single measurement, unlike the 150 microns typically analyzed with traditional Raman measurements. The PhAT approach eliminates the need for multiple measurement points, the need to move samples, and eliminates focusing, thus speeding up analysis time.

Both insertion and non-contact sampling options are available for the PhAT probe head to enhance sampling flexibility. For on-line applications where cleanability between batches is paramount, an optional stainless-steel bodied probe is available.

Unit operations which benefit from PhAT based analysis and process control include milling, granulation, blending, drying, tableting, coating, and quality assurance / quality control.

PhAT Benefits:

  • Representative mm-scale Measurement
  • Reproducible Sampling
  • "Focus Free" Alignment
  • Non-destructive Measurement


Probe Features:

  • Non-contact Sampling (1-6 mm) Options
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Compatible, SS 316 Option
  • Immersion Optic (IO) Option
  • Purgeable Insertion Optic for Coating Applications
PhAT Probes for Solids Analysis
Laser Wavelength: 785nm
Spectral Coverage: 175-1875 cm-1
Sample Interface:
Temperature: +10 to 40°C
RH: 20 to 80%, Non-condensing
Nominal Focal Length: 3 mm Lens....... 120 mm
4.5 mm Lens.... 175 mm
6 mm Lens....... 250 mm
Nominal Beam Diameter
at Focal Position:

6 mm (standard)
4.5 mm (optional)
3 mm (optional)

Physical Probe:
Probe Body: Aluminum with Elastomeric
O-Rings (std), SS 316 with
Buna-N or Kalrez O-Rings
Weight: 2 lbs (with 3 m cable)
Length: 12"
Diameter: 1.8"
Fiber Optic Cable:
Design: PVC Jacketed, Proprietary Construction
Length: 3 m (std) Standard, up to 15 m (options)
Temperature: -40°C (Min) / 80°C (Max)
Laser Power at Sample: > 150 mW
Video: Granulation Example
Video: Blending Example
Video: Coating Example
Product Material
PhAT Probe for Solids Analysis
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