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NeSSI Raman Interfaces for ½” Liquid Immersion and Gas-Phase probes


The New Sampling/Sensor Initiative (NeSSI) is a global and open initiative originally proposed by a consortium of industry (end users/vendors) and academia.  The NeSSI initiative has promoted the acceptance and implementation of modular lego-like flow components.

These flow-components termed Generation I are based on the ANSI/ISA SP76.00.2002 miniature, modular mechanical standard. The ANSI/ISA standard is referenced by the International Electrotechnical Commission in publication IEC 62339-1:2006.  The adoption of a standard allows interchangeability of components between different manufacturers.  The availability of NeSSI interfaces for Kaiser’s liquid and gas-phase probes provides a convenient plug-and-play platform for development of continuous flow chemistry in support of high-yield, safe, green chemical pathways using in situ Raman for critical process measurements.

NeSSI Options:

  • Compression Mount for Liquid-phase WetHead™ or ½”
  • 1” Compression Mount for Gas-phase AirHead™
  • ½” NPT Mount for Gas-phase AirHead™
  • Configurable for a Variety of Flow Chemistries and Chemical Phases

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