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Research Raman Performance - Benchtop Capable

Designed for Fiber-optic Flexibility

Microscopy and Chemical Imaging

In Situ Analysis

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Many Challenges...One Solution

Chemical Imaging

PhAT Technology

Transmission Raman Accessory

Compatible with In Situ Probes

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Industry Trends

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Let Your Production Flow
Continuous Manufacturing of Solids
Proven Kaiser In-Flow
Raman Analyses

Tablet Coating

Polymorphism / Crystallization

Process-induced Transformations

Extrusion Monitoring

Kaiser's PhAT Probe for
Monitoring Continuous Tablet Coating


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Gas-phase Raman Analyzer with the AirHead™ Probe

Rapid, Reliable, Compact

For Gas and Vapor Phase In Situ Process Raman

Hazardous Areas

In Situ Analysis

Corrosive and Aqueous
Chemistry Compatible

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Kaiser Raman Sampling
Phase-optimized Raman Probes

WetHead™ and Pilot-E™ Probes – In Situ Liquid Analysis

AirHead™ – Gas / Vapor-phase

PhAT Probe – Solids Analysis

MR Probe, Probe Head – Development Flexibility

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Dual Function

PhAT Technology

MR Probe Immersion Sampling and Cal-Check™ in a Single Laboratory Analyzer

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Expand Your Raman Knowledge with
Kaiser’s Educational Raman Webinar Series
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Hear About Real-world Successes from End-users

Ask Questions and Get Real-time Answers from Raman Practitioners During the Session

Stay Up to Date on the Latest Technology and Techniques

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Raman Transmission Analysis

Whole Product
Quantitative Analysis

Formulations Development –
Pharmaceutical and Polymer Blends

Content Uniformity – QA / QC

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Let Your Production Flow
Continuous Manufacturing of Liquids
Kaiser's Solution Advantages

Optimized In-flow Liquids Analysis

Method Transferability from Laboratory to Manufacturing

Universal Probe Technology for Easy Process Integration

Leader in Robust On-line Process and In Situ Raman

NeSSI flow system analyzed
with Kaiser’s Raman Technology

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Chemical Applications
Kaiser Raman Process Control:
Proven Online 24/7 since 1994
RamanRxn Analyzers:

Versatile, Rugged, Reliable

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Holographic Gratings

Kaiser is the World Leader in the Design and Fabrication of Volume Phase Holographic (VPH™) Transmission Gratings.

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Many Challenges...One Solution


Reaction Optimization

Formulations Development


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Raman Analyzer
for Process Monitoring & Control

Methods Development in the Lab

In Situ Monitoring in the Pilot Plant

Process Control in Manufacturing

Hazard Area Certified (ATEX or NA)

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Kaiser Raman Sampling

Robust Sampling Probes for Quantitative Analysis

Corrosive and Hazard Area Probe Lines


Sampling from the
In Situ Raman Leader

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Raman Analyzer
for Process Monitoring & Control

Multi-channel, Multi-analyzer
Rack Packaging

ATEX or NA Certification Available

Control Room Installation

Modbus, OPC, 4-20 mA
Control Capable

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Kaiser’s Educational Raman Webinar Series

Continuing Educational Tool for Scientists and Professionals Interested in the Technique and Application of Raman Spectroscopy.

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Pharmaceutical Applications
PhAT Technology for Drug Product Applications Including:

RAW Material Identification on the Dock,
at the Dispensary, and at the Hopper

Real-time Monitoring and Control of Granulation, Blending, Drying, and Coating

Non-destructive Tablets, Gel-caps, and Liquid Batch and Continous Manufacturing Compatible Formulation Analysis