HoloPro™ Process Control Software

Kaiser developed its HoloPro™ software package to allow coordination of data collection from its process Raman analyzers and to allow communication between a plant’s distributed control system (DCS) and the sampling point.

HoloPro’s data management features include user-defined sequencing of data acquisition, data trending, as well as spectral data archiving with auto-purging to prevent hard drive overflow.

Spectral data can be auto-exported to several third-party data analysis software packages for detailed component analysis. The results of this analysis may then be displayed within HoloPro, logged to an ASCII text file and/or sent to the process DCS (supports multiple standard communication protocols).  

The ability to use one of the many user-defined third-party data analysis software packages allows companies to choose a package rather than learn another vendor specific package.  This flexibility allows the end-user company to maximize productivity and minimize training costs for their scientists, engineers, and technicians.

Other HoloPro™ features include password protection, and extensive error and alarm protections (e.g., loss of signal, analysis error). All errors are logged and displayed locally, as well as being automatically sent to the DCS

Communication Protocols
  • Modbus: RS-232 or TCP/IP DCS interface
  • OPC: Twisted pair or fiber optic DCS interface
  • 4-20 mA
Scripting Language
  • Custom control parameters for switches, valves, solenoids, and other process line components
  • Standard ASCII text editor compatible
  • Program in VBScript instead of a proprietary language
Product Resources
Title Category Format ID#  
OPC Communications in HoloPro™ Raman Technical Notes PDF TN1403
Modbus Communications with HoloPro™ Raman Technical Notes PDF TN1404
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