HoloMap™ Raman imaging software makes chemical imaging fast and simple. A chemical map is created from a set of Raman spectra acquired over a one-dimensional line or a two-dimensional area.

HoloMap™ includes both univariate and multivariate data analysis tools (including principal components analysis (PCA) and multivariate curve resolution (MCR).  PCA approaches can be used to remove fluorescent background, unwanted instrument response, and noise by isolating it in a principal component and discarding it from the data set. Factor analysis can be used to extract useful information from the principal components, including spectra of discrete chemical species.  The combination of fast detection and data analysis approaches allows for fast imaging and mapping.

The software allows overlay of a white light image with the chemical map. This can be useful for pinpointing exactly where on the sample the Raman intensity for the selected bands is highest.


  • Imaging of different chemical species within a sample
  • Determine “quantitative” distribution of materials
  • Interlinked 2D and 3D chemical image extraction modes
  • Optical and chemical image overlay
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