Single-use Raman Probes
(SUB Compatible)

Kaiser's new single-use Raman probes enable our proven PAT bioprocessing solutions for single-use bioreactors (SUB). SUB platforms are commonly used for biopharmaceutical production due to the benefits of flexibility, sterility, and reduced cleaning burden.

Kaiser's SUB-Optic System consists of a disposable SUB fitting that is compatible with most SUB platforms and was developed and tested according to industry standards for single-use sensors.

Data generated from Kaiser Raman SUB-Optic Systems are identical to data from our reusable probes (bIO-LAB, bIO-PRO), allowing easy transfer of multi-attribute Raman methods across various bioreactor types and scales from PD to cGMP.

  • Compatible with RAMANRXN Probes
  • Gamma Sterilizable
  • Field and SUB Vendor Tested and Approved
  • Applicable to Cell Culture and Fermentation

Product Resources
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RamanRxn Probe Head Product Flyers PDF PF0020
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