Non-Contact Optics for RamanRxn™ Probe & Mk II Probe Filtered Probe Heads

Kaiser has developed a complete line of non-contact optics (NCO’s) compatible with the RAMANRXN Probe and Mk II probe filtered probe heads. They are designed for use in environments that could be damaging to optics or where sample contamination is a concern. NCO’s are available with a variety of working distances ranging from 0.3 inches to 17 inches, allowing their use in a variety of applications. Each optic is optimized for either visible or NIR incident radiation.

  • Non-contact Analysis of Delicate or Corrosive Samples
  • Easy Change-over Between NCO’s using Standard Industry Mounting
  • Various Working Distances Available to Optimize each Application
  • Compatible with the Compact RAMANRXN Probe or Polarization-capable Mk II Probe Filtered Probe Heads

Model Number Working Distance
Working Distance


0.4 in.

1 cm


0.5 in.

1.25 cm


1.3 in.

3.3 cm


2.5 in.

6.4 cm


3.0 in.

7.5 cm


5.5 in.

14 cm


17 in.

43 cm

Product Resources
Title Category Format ID#  
RamanRxn Probe Head Product Flyer PDF PF0020
Non-Contact Optics Raman Technical Note PDF TN1251
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