Raman Accessories

Optional accessories are available for a variety of Kaiser Raman analyzers. Certain accessories are not appropriate for use with all analyzers.


Calibration Accessory
Kaiser's Raman Calibration Accessory is used to yield accurate Raman spectra in terms of both wavelength and intensity. The easy-to-use calibration protocol provides the accuracy and repeatability critical for qualitative and quantitative spectral analysis, and calibration transfer between methods-development and on-line process analyzers.


A Raman microprobe is formed by the use of a microscope accessory, and can obtain Raman spectra of microscopic (1 µm) samples or regions. Laser radiation light shields provide an option for operation in a standard laboratory environment. High-precision mapping stages are available for chemical imaging using Kaiser's HoloMap™ software.


Analytical Sample Compartment
Kaiser's Analytical Sample Compartment is a versatile CDRH Class 1 enclosed workbench for general sampling and Q/C applications. Features include an incorporated calibration accessory, an automatic laser interlock for maximum accuracy and safety, and several analytical sampling accessories

  Enclosed Sample Compartment
The Enclosed Sample Compartment is Kaiser’s entry-level, versatile, small-footprint sampling accessory that facilitates routine quantitative and qualitative Raman measurements in the laboratory with RAMAN WORKSTATION™ analyzers.
Product Resources
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Raman-Based Nutrient Control in Bioprocessing Optimizes Viable Cell Density and Protein Glycation Raman Application Note PDF AN328
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