Analytical Sample Compartment

The Analytical Sample Compartment (HLSC) is a CDRH Class 1 accessory that facilitates routine quantitative and qualitative Raman measurements in the laboratory with RAMANRXN SYSTEM™ analyzers. Maximum user laser safety is ensured by an automatic interlock incorporated into the sample chamber.

The HLSC has a large 10" x 10" x 7" sample chamber to fit a wide variety of sampling inserts. These include an insert for cuvettes, vials, bottles, or NMR tubes; and custom-designed inserts to accommodate configurations requiring flow cells, vacuum lines, or temperature control.

The HLSC uses fiber-coupling to allow installation versatility and accepts many standard RMS threaded optics to accomodate different sample sizes and volumes.

The HLSC also incorporates a Kaiser's Raman calibration accessory to provide measurements with unparalleled accuracy and reproducibility allowing both quantitative data analysis and facilitating calibration transfer between different Raman instruments.

  • Automatic Lid-activated Interlock
  • Internal Dimensions: 10" x 10" x 7"
  • Integrated Filtered Probehead
  • Integrated Wavelength and Intensity Calibration
  • Removable Sampling Accessories
  • External Focusing Drive

Sampling Accessories Kit Contents
  • Packed Powder Holder
  • Pellet/Film Holder
  • 1-cm Cuvette Holder
  • Liquid Bulb / Capillary Holder
  • Accessory Loading Tools

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Analytical Sample Compartment (HLSC)
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