Invictus 830nm NIR Laser

The Invictus™ 830-nm NIR laser has been specifically developed for biomedical applications of Raman spectroscopy where sample absorbtion characteristics require longer excitation wavelengths and reduced spectral range.

Rated CDRH class IIIb, this rugged laser uses an external cavity design to provide excellent wavelength stability and the narrow linewidth necessary for most Raman applications. An RS232 digital interface and integrated keypad/LCD display allows for both local and remote control and real time diagnostic evaluation.

LCD display and keypad with electronic power dial up and down capability

  • Integrated holographic laser bandpass filter
  • Low background emission
  • Low wavenumber data collection
  • CDRH class IIIb and CE compliant
  • Rugged, sealed external cavity design
  • RS232 digital interface for remote control and diagnostics
  • LCD status display screen for local control and diagnostics
  • Electronic laser power control
  • Warranty 1 year, unlimited hours (extended warranties are also available)
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