Imaging Spectrographs

Kaiser's Raman imaging spectrographs allow the research scientist to achieve maximum spectroscopic performance by building our product into their experimental setup.

Raman fields benefiting from Kaiser's award-winning axial transmissive spectrograph and volume-phase holographic products include ROA, stand-off Raman, deep ocean exploration, and space chemistry. Kaiser's HoloSpec™ is the established, field-proven laboratory solution for customized Raman measurements.


HoloSpec™ ƒ/1.8 Spectrograph
The HoloSpec™ holographic imaging spectrograph is useful for fluorescence and UV/vis spectroscopy, as well as for Raman. It provides high spatial resolution and high throughput, with a small instrument footprint.

HoloSpec™ ƒ/1.8i Spectrograph
The HoloSpec ƒ/1.8i holographic imaging spectrograph, based on Kaiser’s award-winning axial-transmissive spectrograph configuration, includes an integrated pre-filter section.

Kaiser offers a number of standard gratings for its HoloSpec spectrographs.