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Telecommunications/DWDM Gratings

Today’s sophisticated fiber optic network requires a host of new technologies to transmit a reliable signal with the bandwidth necessary to satisfy the growing needs of a technologically advanced and mobile society.


The UltraSpec™ family of Volume Phase Holographic Gratings (VPH) were developed to provide superior performance for telecom applications. Kaiser’s VPH transmission gratings are currently used as the dispersing components of:

  • Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA)
  • Optical Performance/Channel Monitors
  • Reconfigurable Add/Drop Modules (ROADM)

The unique performance and environmental properties of VPH gratings make the UltraSpec™ a preferred component in the fiber optic network. A comparison of how Kaiser’s VPH gratings stack-up against traditional grating technologies for ROADM and DWDM applications is given below.

Kaiser offers UltraSpec-VPH products custom grating frequencies, dimensions, and performance characteristics to complement OEM product development.

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