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Raman Educational Webinars

Kaiser hosts a series of complimentary webinar presentations which demonstrate Raman Spectroscopy-based solutions. Hear from real customers and their success stories using Kaiser Raman analyzers and instruments. Examples of Research Raman, Analytical Raman, Process Raman, In Situ Raman, Industrial Raman, Remote Raman, and Raman Imaging and Microscopy are available during these sessions. We invite you to register for an upcoming webinar of interest, or view previous archives.  Kaiser Webinar Archives are available in the sidebar -- see what you've been missing!

Real Customers - Their Applications, Raman Solutions

There are no upcoming Webinars scheduled at this time.
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Petrochemical Gas / Liquid Analysis - A New Frontier for On-line Raman Spectroscopy

During his presentation Dr. van Vuuren will address the following topics:

- Raman spectra and it's similarity to chromatograms
- Examples of petrochemical gas and liquid analyses
- Pros and cons of Raman spectra/hardware vs. chromatography and other traditional process analyzers
- Performance data
- Hardware overview
- "Greening" of the user interface (overview of some smart diagnostic considerations)

AIR DATE: January 29, 2009

Name: Dr. Peter van Vuuren