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Raman Educational Webinars

Kaiser hosts a series of complimentary webinar presentations which demonstrate Raman Spectroscopy-based solutions. Hear from real customers and their success stories using Kaiser Raman analyzers and instruments. Examples of Research Raman, Analytical Raman, Process Raman, In Situ Raman, Industrial Raman, Remote Raman, and Raman Imaging and Microscopy are available during these sessions. We invite you to register for an upcoming webinar of interest, or view previous archives.  Kaiser Webinar Archives are available in the sidebar -- see what you've been missing!

Real Customers - Their Applications, Raman Solutions

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Kaiser Raman Spectroscopy for In Situ Measurement of Nutrients and Metabolites within a Mammalian Cell Culture Application Delivers Bioprocess Flexibility and Scalability While Enabling Improved Process Performance.
Since 2008 Kaiser Optical has worked closely with industry leading bioprocessing companies to develop a Raman solution enabled to deliver in situ, real-time measurement to a host of bioprocessing applications including but not limited to cell culture, fermentation, and purification. In the case of mammalian cell culture applications, which Pfizer will discuss during this webinar, these measurements include key bioprocessing parameters such as Glucose, Lactate, and VCD. The results of this work demonstrate recent achievements including the debut of a Universal Glucose Model which enables out-of-the-box Glucose measurement, and published reports of yield increases exceeding 50% for those deploying Raman.

In this latest webinar, Pfizer will report on recent advancements within their Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) group to develop a generic platform technology based on Kaiser Raman for in situ measurement of nutrients and metabolites, with a focus on glucose and lactate within a mammalian cell culture application. The term generic for our purposes relates to the Raman platform technology being independent of scale and cell line, while enabling the monitoring of multiple key bioprocess metabolic variables in real-time.

AIR DATE: August 28, 2014

Name: Dr. Hamidreza Mehdizadeh
Title: Senior Scientist
Company: Pfizer

Name: Maryann Cuellar
Title: Applications Specialist
Company: Kaiser Optical Systems