Process and PAT

Kaiser offers one of the most comprehensive range of Raman products to help meet the needs of Process and PAT markets.


Kaiser has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in our products and service to our customers.  Our knowledge, gained through 19 years of 24/7 process experience working with our customers in the Process Analytical Chemistry (PAC) and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) markets, has lead to the current generation of optimized, self-checking, self-diagnosing process Raman equipment.  The combination of industry leading sampling flexibility and smart analyzers is found in the suite of RAMANRXN SYSTEMS™ process Raman analyzers.


Process knowledge and understanding is key to developing and keeping a process under control.  Maintaining a process within control limits allows an “in-spec” product to be manufactured each and every time.  Process understanding is not industry specific in today’s competitive marketplace. The value of an analytical tool can be measured in many ways including “how many problems it can solve,” or “what is the value of the associated savings.”  Scientifically and financially successful Raman applications have been demonstrated both at-line in the laboratory and on-line in manufacturing in PAC and PAT environments.  Contact Kaiser for a list of companies working with applications enabled by RAMANRXNSYSTEMS™ Raman analyzers.


Analyzers are available for process development in general purpose areas, moveable systems for plant trials, and certified enclosed analyzers for hazardous areas locations.


Contact a Kaiser Expert to discuss your applications needs.


Further information on Process / PAT Raman applications can be found in Handbook of Raman Spectroscopy:  From Laboratory to Process Line by Ian R. Lewis and Howell G. M. Edwards, Marcel Dekker, New York, New York (2001)

Application Resources
Title Category Format ID#  
Comparing PhAT System™ and RamanRxn1™ Approaches for the Study of Wet Granulation Raman Application Note PDF AN317
Enhanced Raman Reflection Spectroscopy for Process Analytical Technology Raman Application Note PDF AN327
Following a Process-Induced Transformation During Granulation Using In Situ Techniques Raman Application Note PDF AN316
In Situ Crystallization Monitoring Raman Application Note PDF AN301
Kinetics of a Catalytic Hydrogenation Reaction Raman Application Note PDF AN300
Monitoring a Pharmaceutical Crystal Transformation In Situ Raman Application Note PDF AN307
Monitoring CaCO3 Polymorph Formation in the Presence of Polymeric Additives Raman Application Note PDF AN204
Monitoring Grignard Production in Real Time Raman Application Note PDF AN302
Monitoring the Rutile/Anatase Ratio in TiO2 Production Raman Application Note PDF AN202
Off-Line and On-Line Raman Spectroscopy of API-Containing Extruded Films Raman Application Note PDF AN312
Optimizing a Microwave-Assisted Diels–Alder Reaction with Real-Time Analytics Raman Application Note PDF AN314
Quantifying Anhydrate/Hydrate Using Potential PAT In Situ Techniques Raman Application Note PDF AN315
Raman Spectroscopy to Support REACH Registration of Gases Raman Application Note PDF AN208
Raman-Based Endpoint Detection of a Heterogeneous Etherification Reaction Raman Application Note PDF AN329
Raman-Based High-Throughput Screening for Version and Polymorph Identification Raman Application Note PDF AN311
Rapid Monitoring of Antisolvent Addition Crystallization and Dehydration Raman Application Note PDF AN308
Real-Time Quality Prediction of Continuously Produced Pharmaceutical Granules Raman Application Note PDF AN330
Tandem Raman and IR Spectroscopies for Monitoring of Soil Gases in CO2 Sequestration Raman Application Note PDF AN209
The Formation of Phosphorus Trichloride from Phosphorus and Chlorine Raman Application Note PDF AN200
The Production of Methyl Chlorosilanes Raman Application Note PDF AN201
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