Kaiser Raman:
​One In Situ Probe, Multiple Continuous 
Real-time Measurements of the Bioprocess


• Glucose
• Glutamine
• Glutamate
• Lactate
• Ammonium
• Osmolality
• Viability
• Viable Cell Density
• Total Cell Density
Improve Process Performance
- Enables Real-time Continuous Measurement and Control
  of the Bioprocess

Reduce Operating Costs
- Eliminate Costly Consumables and Labor Intensive Sampling Practices

Increased Repeatability & Reliability
- Mitigates Concerns about Excessive Downtime and Instrument
  to Instrument Variability

Proven Technology for Bioprocess Applications
- Successfully Utilized in Bioprocessing Applications by End-users
  Since 2009

Scalability from PD to Pilot and into GMP Manufacturing
- Ensures Continuity Throughout the Product Life Cycle
Analyzers PD Applications Manufacturing