Art & Archaeology

The extent of scientific studies of work of art and archaeological artifacts have been significantly expanded based on the availability of non-destructive analytical measurement.  Raman spectroscopy offers the ability to make microsampling measurement and offers compatibility with fiber-optics to allow the analytical measurement taken at the artifact location, rather than the artifact being removed or a small portion expended for destructive analysis.

Currently Raman Spectroscopy has Found Use for:
  • Characterization of Genuine and Counterfeit Items
  • Providing Information on Articles in Support of Specific Trade-routes Based on Characterization of Dyes, Pigements, Resins, and Semi-precious Stones
  • Identification of Carved Biomaterials
  • Providing Information on Early Restoration Processes and Characterization of Components Allowing for Effective New Conservation and Restoration Efforts
  • Providing Information on Biodeterioration Processes
  • Analysis in Laboratory Setting, and In Situ at Archeological Sites
Application Resources
Title Category Format ID#  
Raman Microscopy and Mapping of Corrosion on a Han Dynasty Bronze Money Tree Raman Application Note PDF AN102