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Raman Analyzers
RAMANRXN4 Raman Analyzer


The RAMANRXN4™ multi-channel Raman analyzer provides state-of-the-art Raman measurements of liquids and reaction mixtures. The RAMANRXN4™ 785-nm multi-channel Raman analyzer has been designed for easy 3rd-part integration into standardized company-specific installation packages.

The Raman spectrum contains features that are ideal for fast qualitative and robust quantitative analyses, often without the need for multivariate techniques. The chemical specificity and spectral range of the RAMANRXN4™ analyzer allows multiple components to be independently identified in situ.

The heart of the RAMANRXN4™ multi-channel Raman analyzer is a unique analyzer self monitoring system, Cal-Check™, to ensure the validity of each analysis.  The analyzer is capable of self-calibration, Auto-Cal™, in extreme environments and utilizes self-diagnostics and spectral correction methods when system calibration is unnecessary. The analyzer's precision is essential for robust chemometric analyses and calibration transfer between analyzers.

Sampling is accomplished by coupling the RAMANRXN4™ analyzer with the Pilot-E™ line of process immersion probes.  Pilot-E™ probes can be constructed to meet the specific requirements of the installation location.  Diameter, immersion depth, flange type, probe finish, materials of construction, etc. can be specified in order to meet a specific plants requirements.

3rd-party integrators should contact Kaiser directly to discuss their needs, installation requirements, and to receive engineering documentation.


Process Enabled

  • Fast, non-destructive, in situ measurements of multicomponent systems
  • Sharp spectral peaks for qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Univariate or multivariate comparative analysis methods

Raman Analyzer for Integration in Company Specific Packaging...

  Analyzer Features
  • Direct in situ measurement of liquid streams / reactors
  • Up to 4 measurement points from a single analyzer
  • Multi-analyzer calibration transfer demonstrated
  • Low cost of ownership
    - Easy to Install
    - No consumables
    - Minimal maintenance requirements / analyzer technician times

Analyzer for 3rd party integration and packaging
  • Standard 19” Rack-format
  • Modularized components for easy service
  • Analyzer requires only electrical power
  • Analyzer Control SDK available for 3rd part software design
  • Fiber optic analyzer to sample points / installation flexibility
  • Pilot™ process probe line or MR Probe laboratory probe head compatible

Product Material
RamanRxn4™ Analyzer
Product Flyer

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