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Raman Analyzers
RAMANRXN3 Analyzer


The RAMANRXN SYSTEMS™ family of instruments is ideal for analyzing, monitoring and controlling chemical processes. Raman spectroscopy provides the chemical specificity of a mid-IR analyzer with the ease of sampling of a near-IR analyzer. The RAMANRXN3™ analyzer is a powerful process analytical technology (PAT) analyzer, featuring simultaneous full spectral coverage and high resolution. The Raman spectrum contains features that are ideal for fast qualitative and robust quantitative analyses, often without the need for multivariate techniques. The sharp Raman peaks can often be interpreted in terms of individual chemical moieties, thus providing an insight into the process and yielding an increase in process understanding. Kaiser's staff of experts are focused on providing solutions for our users.

The RAMANRXN3™ analyzer is certified for operation in classified environments. This analyzer is equally well-suited for methods development in the lab, reaction monitoring in the pilot plant, or process control in a manufacturing environment.

The RAMANRXN3™ analyzer is a self-calibrating, self-diagnosing, fiber-coupled Raman analyzer designed to meet the needs of the process analytics, chemical, and polymers markets as well as the PAT pharmaceutical market.

Versatility was a key goal when developing the feature set for the RAMANRXN3™ analyzer. The analyzer is contained in a stainless steel enclosure rated for installation in classified locations. The system can be mounted either permanently on a wall or on a trolley so it can be used in the laboratory for methods development or in the pilot plant for process understanding or in production for process monitoring and control. Sampling versatility is accomplished by coupling the RAMANRXN3™ analyzer with either the MR Probe or the Pilot™ line of process probes for non-contact or direct insertion sampling. A single RAMANRXN3™ analyzer may be configured to monitor multiple process locations.

The RAMANRXN3™ analyzer incorporates the most advanced self-calibration and self-diagnostics to ensure the validity of each analysis. The analyzer's precision allows both advanced chemometric analyses and traditional univariate methods to be used.

A 532-nm version of the RAMANRXN3™ analyzer is available for gas-phase measurements in classified environments.

Why Raman?
  • Fast, remote, in situ measurements
  • Sharp spectral peaks for qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Robust univariate prediction models
  • Immersion style or sight-based glass sampling
  • Easy sampling of solids, liquids, gases, slurries, and emulsions

Analyzer Features

  • Enclosure for classified environments
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Advanced self calibration protocols
  • Sample multiple points, with a single analyzer
  • ATEX certification option


  • HoloPro™ control and communication software package
  • Ethernet communication: DCS interface with ModBus protocol

The RAMANRXN3PhAT uses Kaiser's PhAT technology to allow quatitative monitoring and control of solid formulations.

Advantages of Raman Spectroscopy...

  RAMANRXN3Analyzer for
  • On-line monitoring
  • Process-line control
  • Increased product output
  • Accurate on-line endpoint determination
  • Lower process changeover downtime
  • Increased process safety
  • Methods development / reaction monitoring
  • Increased process understanding
  • Improved product consistency and quality
Raman Analysis of Numerous Chemistries
  • Crystallization/polymorphs
  • Grignard reagent monitoring
  • Aqueous-based chemistries
  • Heterogeneous matrices
  • Hydrogenations
  • Residual monomer analysis
  • Catalytic chemistry
  • Low-temperature chemistry
  • Polymerization
  • Substitution/isomerization
  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Sensitive to organics, inorganics, and polymers

Product Material
RamanRxn3 Data Storage, Backup, Transfer, and Connectivity
Raman Technical Note

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RamanRxn3™ Analyzer
Product Flyer

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