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Raman Spectroscopy

RAMANRXN2 1000 Analyzer


The RAMANRXN21000 analyzer has been designed to provide the spectral performance of a laboratory FT-Raman instrument but with the capability for in situ reaction monitoring using fiber-coupled probes.

Since the introduction of FT-Raman instruments in the late 1980’s, they have been applied for laboratory analysis in a variety of industries including finished polymers, pharmaceuticals, and certain specialty chemicals.  The majority of their applications have involved end-product testing and quality assurance.  Attempts to move FT-Raman analysis outside the laboratory for process measurements have been largely met with failures due to inherent instrumentation and sampling issues. The RAMANRXN21000 Raman analyzer, however, uses dispersive technology in order to address these issues.

The RAMANRXN21000 Raman analyzer is built upon the already established technology of the RAMANRXN SYSTEMS™ suite of Raman analyzers, widely regarded as setting the standard for Raman analyzers for reliability, stability, applicability, and productivity.  In order to meet the challenges of deep-red excitation Kaiser have developed deep-red optimized optics, gratings, probes and detector technology. The resulting RAMANRXN21000 analyzer allows certain applications that couldn’t be monitored in situ by Raman, to now be measured.  These applications include early-phase “dirty” crystallizations, bio fuel manufacturing, food and beverages, and heavy hydrocarbons.

An option for the RAMANRXN21000 analyzer is an ergonomic trolley including built-in probe and optic storage, a routine-analysis sample compartment, fiber storage, and the analyzer control system. The trolley allows the user the flexibility to employ a single Raman analyzer in a variety of situations including as a transportable raw materials identification analyzer, a bench-top analyzer for methods development in the lab, reaction monitoring in the pilot plant, process control development in a manufacturing environment, or a dedicated quality control analyzer.


  • in situ Reaction Monitoring
  • Reaction Pathway Understanding
  • Yield Optimization
  • API Development
  • Early stage “dirty” Crystallization
  • Biofuels
  • Polyurethanes
  • Heavy hydrocarbons
  • Colorants / Pigments



Advantages of Raman Spectroscopy...


Analyzer Features

  • High performance spectroscopy
  • in situ reaction sampling
  • Non-destructive measurements


  • Transport option
  • Laboratory optics and probe heads
  • Pilot plant compatible probes
  • Sampling compartment

Why Raman?

  • Fast measurements
  • Sharp spectral peaks for qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Univariate or multivariate prediction mode
Product Material
RamanRxn2™ 1000 Analyzer
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