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Raman Spectroscopy

Raman Probe Heads & Optics
Mk II Filtered Probe Head
for Raman Technology

The Mk II Holographic Filtered Probe Head (HFPH) uses holographic optics to provide high signal-to-background measurements at any length of optical fiber. The field-proven fixed-optic design provides long term measurement stability along with superior background rejection and maximum sampling flexibility.

The RMS-threaded faceplate of the Mk II probe head allows a wide range of optics to be attached. Non-contact optics with working distances of 0.1 to 17 inches can be used to measure through windows, bottles, or simply at a convenient distance from a sample. Immersion and insertion optics are available that use single, double, or triple window designs to allow safe, direct installation into reaction vessels or process streams. The Mk II probe head also serves as a stable interface for the Raman Microprobe and CDRH class I sample compartment (HLSC) options.

All Mk II probe heads use a single fiber for excitation and another for collection. For laboratory equipment, this provides a robust interface and sampling versatility. For process equipment, single fibers allow reduced cost for long runs of fiber as compared to multi-fiber collection designs. Single collection fibers also permit multi-channel operation on a single spectrograph. Standard telecommunication fiber diameters (< 100 microns) are used to increase mechanical stability. This results in fewer broken fibers, increased safety, and lower maintenance costs.

The Mk II probe head features an integrated “Laser On” indicator and laser shutter and requires no electrical power.

The Mk II above is shown with a non-contact optic. The shutter and laser indicator are plainly visible on the face of the probehead. The inset shows the probehead without the optic.

  • 180° measurement
  • Patented holographic filter design
  • One in/one out fiber optics
  • Integrated “laser on” indicator
    and laser shutter
  • RMS-threaded faceplate to fit a range of sampling optics
  • FC connectors
Cable Features
  • Indoor/outdoor-rated cable design
  • -40 to 85 °C operating temperature standard
  • UL-listed riser rated OFNR
  • Integrated precision-tensioned strength members
Optic Options
  • Non-contact optics 0.3-17 inches
  • Immersion optics up to 450 °C
    and 3000 psi
  • Extruder-compatible optics
  • Flanged process-compatible optics


Advantages of Raman Spectroscopy...

  • Compact, simple design, amenable for remote or OEM sample configuration
  • Low cm-1 (100-500 cm-1) for inorganics, carbon nanotubes
  • Polarization measurements for orientation and crystallization studies of polymers



  • Externally adjustable, continuously variable laser power control
  • Polarization option for independent control of excitation and collection polarization
  • User-changeable fiber cables
  • Bundled collection fibers for signal enhancement in transparent solutions
  • Non-contact and immersion optics




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Mk II Filtered Probe Head for Raman Spectroscopy
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