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Raman Probe Heads & Optics
Probe heads and optics are available for a variety of Kaiser Raman analyzers.

MR Probe Filtered Probe Head
The MR Probe is Kaiser's standard remote probe head. It combines superior background rejection and compatibility with a variety of immersion optics in a compact, lightweight package compatible with small-scale glassware and reactors used in drug discovery and early process development.
Pilot™ Raman Probes for Process Control
The Pilot™ line of immersion probes allow safe, direct installation into reaction vessels or process streams. Their modular design provides flexibility when interfacing to existing installations.

AirHead™ Probe
The AirHead™ probe has been designed to meet the needs of gas-phase chemistries.


PhAT Probe
The PhAT probe head is an ideal choice for solid sampling. Representative, reproducible, "focus-free" sampling are benefits of the wide area sampling design.


Mk II Filtered Probe Head
For research Raman applications, the Mk II filtered fiber optic probe head offers the greatest versatility. Both polarization and microscopic measurements are possible with the Mk II design. The Mk II is compatible with Kaiser's immersion and non-contact sampling optics.


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