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The Raman microprobe is a popular accessory for the RAMANRXN1™ analyzers. The Raman microprobe provides complementary microspectroscopy information on fundamental molecular vibrations to mid-infrared FT-IR microscopes. Using excitation wavelengths in the visible spectral region, a Raman microprobe is capable of analyzing diffraction-limited areas (typically 1 micron). The ability to both identify areas 10 times smaller in size than can be determined by FT-IR microscopy and the non-contact / no sample preparation nature of the technique are some of the many advantages of Raman microscopy.

The Raman microprobe can be configured with optional high-precision mapping stages and confocal optics to realize both surface and volumetric chemical imaging. The microprobe is offered as standard with a Class 1 laser radiation light shield for operation in a standard laboratory environment.

The combination of the fiber-coupled spectrometer and microscope in conjunction with a thermally stabilized microscope and high-precision motorized XYZ stage allows for routine collection of Raman images.

Kaiser's HoloMap™ software make real-time chemical images from Raman spectroscopy truly feasible.

  • Patented thermally stabilized optical microscope
  • Transmission illumination
  • Reflected light illumination
  • Real-time color CCD camera with PC-compatible image grabbing system
  • Real-time continuous viewing of laser spot in white light and Raman mode
  • Autofocus mode
  • Class 1 light shield


  • HoloMap™ software package

Optional Features

  • Light shield
  • Polarization light upgrade
  • Motorized stage/mapping
  • Long working distance objectives
Advantages of Raman Spectroscopy...


  • Complementary spectroscopic information to FT-IR microscopy
  • High spatial resolution (1 micron) with true confocal design for depth discrimination (2 microns)
  • Simultaneous full spectral coverage provides survey information at all sample positions
  • Integrated real-time color video display and capture with direct viewing of the laser location
  • Microscope enclosure and mapping stage options
  • Autofocus mode for rough samples allows for maximum signal collection during long acquisitions and identification of surface profile effects

HoloGRAMS™/HoloMap™ Mapping Software
  • High-precision XYZ mapping stages
  • Interactive display and setup featuring direct viewing of both laser position and all mapping positions
  • Point, line, area, and volumetric data acquisition modes plus multiple imaging modes for extended operation
  • Interlinked 2D and 3D chemical image extraction modes
  • Optical and chemical image overlays

Chemical Imaging Software

  • Confocal Raman imaging
  • Full spectral data recorded in a fraction of the time required for conventional point-map Raman microscopy
  • Quantitative chemical distribution information available
  • Data extraction and manipulation tools available for chemical image enhancement
  • Surface topology information
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Raman Microprobe
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Raman Microprobe
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