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Raman Spectroscopy

Raman Accessories
Raman Calibration Accessory

The Calibration Accessory (HCA), available for the
RAMANRXN SYSTEMS™ suite of Raman analyzers, makes wavelength and intensity calibration for Raman instruments fast, simple, and accurate. The HCA calibrates Raman instrumentation in the visible and NIR regions yielding accurate Raman spectra in terms of both wavelength (x-axis) and intensity (y-axis). The easy-to-use 3-step calibration protocol provides the accuracy and repeatability critical for qualitative and quantitative Raman analysis. Used routinely, the HCA protocol facilitates calibration transfer between laboratory instruments and on-line process analyzers.

The HCA contains both wavelength and intensity sources in a compact lamp housing. Neon emission lines provide accurate x-axis calibration. A NIST traceable white-light source provides a relative y-axis calibration. A standard Raman sample is used to provide precise laser wavelength calibration and in addition is used for system qualification.

Neon and NIST traced white light output from the HCA’s lamp housing.

  • Intensity calibration:
    NIST traceable
  • Wavelength calibration:
    primary standard
  • Laser calibration:
    ASTM Raman standard (recommended)
  • System qualification:
    ASTM Raman standard (recommended)
  • Lamp housing adapters for sampling optics
  • Unit: 8" x 11" x 2"
  • Lamp head: 2" x 3" x 0.75"
  • CE certified

Advantages of Raman Spectroscopy...


Robust Calibration
  • Excellent system accuracy
  • Unparalleled instrument precision
  • Minimize technical support


Calibration Transfer
  • Chemical models instrument-independent
  • Replicate applications company-wide / globally
  • Minimize expensive model maintenance
Improved Raman Libraries
  • Instrument-independent spectra
  • Less sensitive to excitation wavelength
  • Accurate intensity information
  • Promote efficient library searching

Intensity Calibrated


Product Material
Raman Calibration Accessory Protocol
Raman Technical Note

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Raman Calibration Accessory - (HCA)
Product Flyer

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