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Raman Spectroscopy

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PhAT Probe Head for Solid Sampling

The PhAT probe head is an ideal choice for solid sampling both for off-line/at-line measurements or on-line in situ.  Representation, reproducibility, and focus-free sampling is ensured using large area sampling with spot sizes up to 6mm. Sealed optics, non-contact, and immersion PhAT optics are available for applications including sampling powder streams, coating pans, slurries, filter trays, and granulation beds.

The PhAT solves some previous major limitations of Raman for quantitative tablet analysis.

1. Representative MeasurementTraditional Raman measurements sample between 2 to 500 microns.The 6 mm large-area laser spot size allows a much greater portion of a sample to be interrogated in a single measurement than traditional Raman measurements.  The PhAT approach avoids the need for multiple measurement points or moving samples, thus speeding up analysis time, and freeing up the analyst to work on problems rather than baby-sitting the sample.

2. Reproducible Measurement - The depth of field provided by this probe design eliminates the sensitivity of the Raman response to focal changes in sample placement

a. from one measurement to the next (static samples)
b. for on-line samples where the sample bed varies in height.

3. Non Destructive Measurement - The probe head delivers significantly lower energy density than traditional Raman approaches. That reduces the potential for thermally induced changes or damage to the sample, which can be a concern for such applications as polymorph analysis and catalyst development.

For on-line applications where cleanability between batches is paramount an optional stainless steel bodied probe is available.


Video: Granulation Example
Video: Blending Example
Video: Coating Example
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PhAT Probe for Solids Analysis
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