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What is Raman Spectroscopy?
Raman spectroscopy is a method of chemical analysis that can be applied to solids, liquids, and gases.

It can be adapted to:
  • Microscopy, mapping, and imaging
  • Real-time reaction monitoring
  • Routine quality control/quality assurance
  • On-line process control

Experimentally the sample is illuminated with a laser and the scattered light is collected. The wavelengths and intensities of the scattered light can be used to identify functional groups in a molecule.

Analytical Raman Spectroscopy is...
  • Non-destructive in nature
  • Operates in a non-contact manner
  • Can utilize standard sampling containers and windows manufactured of glass, sapphire, transparent polymers, and diamond
  • Is compatible with aqueous chemistries

Because of the high information content inherent in the Raman spectrum, Raman spectroscopy has been adopted within academia and industry. Further background on Raman spectroscopy is available via our Raman Tutorial.

Why Kaiser?
A leader in Raman spectroscopy since 1992, Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc., develops and manufactures a wide variety of components for Raman spectroscopy as well as R&D Raman Systems and Raman Process Analyzers. Kaiser pioneered the holographic technology that has revolutionized Raman spectroscopy. Holographic notch filters allow collection of Raman scatter closer to the Rayleigh line and with less ripple than conventional dielectric notch filters. Holographic transmission gratings enable the entire Raman spectrum to be acquired simultaneously, instead of scanning in bits and pieces, allowing superior calibration stability and enabling true real-time analysis.

Kaiser utilizes integrated design architecture to optimize its system of Raman performance while maintaining sampling flexibility. Kaiser has received 21 patents related to its Raman product line. In addition to our innovative products, the Kaiser Raman team contains individuals who are recognized for their technical expertise and leadership over the last 10 years. Two of its experts have received the prestigious William-Wright award for individual excellence in the field of vibrational spectroscopy in an industrial setting awarded by the Coblentz Society, and one of our experts is the recipient of the Prof. Charles Mann award for advancement in Raman Spectroscopy and services to the Raman Spectroscopy community awarded by the FACSS conference. As a customer of Kaiser our team of experts is available to you to consult on your problems and ensure your success.


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